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  At DMCC we are always focused on offering quality genetics. Our bulls are industry leaders and we are very proud to have them in our herd. Please let us know if you have any questions about how you can add some of these genetics to your herd.  
    Remington Secret Weapon 185X

registration number: 2551350
Sire: GWS EbonysTrademark 6N
Dam: Aubreys Black Blaze II 5T

Purebred Simmi

Semen: $250 per unit
Sexed Semen: $500 per unit

    TC Erica's Legend 3R

registration number: 15302240

Purebred Angus

    DMCC Leader 204U

registration number: 397055

1/2 maine-angus 1/2 angus

    DMCC Bodybuilder II 77SS

registration number: 407727

1/2 maine-angus 1/2 angus

    DMCC Body Builder 1J

Sire: Anchor
Dam: DMCC Pridette

1/2 Blood
    DMCC Lamborghini 58L

Sire: DMCC Cartel
Dam: DMCC Heaven Sent

    DMCC/BK Lifeline

Sire: Habanero
Dam: Miss Pursuit

    DMCC Limited Edition 4F

Sire: DMCC Polleroid
Dam: Fancy Dancer

  Thank you for your interest in DMCC. CONTACT US at 785-747-6054 or mark@rainbowtel.net if you have any questions about our operation. Visitors are always welcome.  
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